Our Project Methodology

As a collective, members will come together to work on a project as a team. Projects go through a three-step process:

  1. Ideation - Members propose and evaluate potential ideas, and one gets selected when it gains enough interest and commitment from members.
  2. Validation - The idea goes through validation. The idea is to find customers that will be willing to pay for the idea. This will typically involve taking in a certain number of pre-orders.
  3. Build - If the team is satisfied that the idea has been validated (e.g. if the pre-order target was hit), then the project is green-lighted and building starts.

Our Projects


Status: Decommissioned

Description: Cryptocron was a crypto “smart trade” platform, before the proliferation of bots and smart trading platforms. It was decommissioned after the crypto crash in early 2018. Now that crypto is making a strong comeback, we may decide to revitalize this project in the future, as it offers some advanced configuration that current platforms do not.


Status: Live - TripleChili

Description: Unlike our other projects, TripleChili did not go through a business validation phase. It was a project created during the Covid pandemic, when we noticed an asymmetry between the knowledge available in English, and the knowledge available in Spanish. TripleChili was created as a place to share ideas, information, and knowledge with the Spanish-speaking community.

Cabbage Stack

Status: Validating

Description: Cabbage Stack is an early-warning system for your investments. As an investor, you’ll get notified when your investments are potentially in danger, or when new investment opportunities pop up that you might not want to miss out on. It addresses an investor’s two greatest fears:

  1. Losing value
  2. FOMO - Nobody wants to miss the next Tesla.